Booster Club - Information
If you are bringing food for an away match, please deliver the food to the front of the school by 2:20 in order for it to go on the bus.  You can also take it to the away location. If it is a home match, please have it to the tennis courts by 2:30.  Most Varsity home matches we will split the team and alternate whether the boys or girls will play at Bay Creek Park.  In that case, please divide the food in half.
You will be reimbursed $50.  
Chick-Fil-A and Zaxby's chicken finger trays, Subway and Publix subs, veggie trays, etc. are all good options.  Please always get sauces
and condiments on the side as some kids don't like mayo, ketchup, etc. Also please provide bananas and a dessert .
Drinks (water and gatorade) will be provided.  You should plan to feed about 14 players and two coaches.